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Light Capture Saint Louis Photographic Impressions

What Is Light Capture All About?

LightCapture is an internet gallery developed to display photographs that have been digitally enhanced to bridge the gap between pure photographic art and the look of oil or watercolor painting. This technique is called Photorealistic Impressionism. The first step is capturing colorful and high energy images using a DSLR. The next step is the manipulation and modification of the high resolution raw photos employing several stages of development using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop . The goal is the creation of a very realistic and vibrant piece of art that upon closer examination appears to have been made using impressionistic brush strokes alone. The larger the image is viewed, the more successful the effect.

All of the photographs have been captured in the last fifteen years by Bill Wichman and represent scenes in the Saint Louis area. The majority present the beauty of  the Missouri Botanical Garden, Forest Park, and sites and scenes in downtown St. Louis. More photographs will be added periodically.


If you have questions about Light Capture, contact Bill Wichman at